What to do if your bags are lost or stolen

If your possessions are lost, stolen or damaged while on holiday, follow these steps which will help you when making a claim.


Report any theft of personal possessions, and any loss or theft of money to the police within 24 hours of discovery and obtain a written report.

Lost possessions

If you lose any personal possessions, report this to an appropriate authority such as your holiday representative or hotel management and request a written report.


If a theft occurs as a result of a break-in to your accommodation or vehicle, ensure that details of the forcible entry are recorded in the police report. Take photos of the damage as this will help to support your claim.

Baggage delay

In the event that your baggage is delayed in transit on your outward journey, report the delay immediately to the airline and obtain a property irregularity report (PIR). Retain receipts for all emergency replacement items purchased, plus the baggage check tags and remaining portions of your flight tickets. You will also need to supply evidence of the length of the baggage delay.

Lost or damaged luggage

In the event that your baggage is damaged or items are lost while in transit, you should report the matter to the carrier in writing, and in the case of an airline a PIR should be obtained. Damaged items should be retained until any resulting claim has been decided.

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