What to do if you are ill abroad

To get the assistance you need and to ensure that your claim is successful, read our tips on what to do if you are ill or injured abroad.

Minor illness or injury

If you suffer a minor illness or injury, costs should be paid by you and claimed upon your return to the UK. Keep all original receipts and medical documentation as these will be required to support your claim.

Staying in hospital

In the event you are admitted to hospital, please contact us immediately so we can support you with our medical emergency assistance.

How to make a travel insurance claim

Missing your flight for medical reasons

Contact the medical emergency assistance team if you miss your return flight due to medical reasons; if you cut short your trip due to medical reasons; or if you have to return due to illness of a family member in the UK.

Travelling to Australia

If you are travelling in Australia and require medical treatment you must enrol in Medicare. You do not need to enrol on arrival but you must do this after the first occasion you receive treatment.

More information about Medicare

Emergency dental treatment

If you require emergency dental treatment abroad, ask the treating dentist to provide confirmation of the cause of the problem and details of the treatment provided to help support your claim.

Always declare pre-existing medical conditions

Ensure that you declare any pre-existing medical conditions so that you are fully covered. Otherwise you may have to pay for expensive medical treatment yourself.

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