Avoid being a victim of crime

Just a small amount of extra thought can make the difference between becoming a victim of crime or enjoying a safe and happy holiday. See our tips below.

  1. Be alert
    Avoid distractions such as your mobile phone, and be aware of your surroundings when you're walking around an unfamiliar area.
  2. Look confident and plan your journey
    Muggers are more likely to prey on those who look anxious or unsure of where they are going – so walk with purpose and look confident. Don't wander along examining your map; plan your route before leaving your accommodation and have your map ready folded to show the area you are going to.
  3. Blend in with the locals
    Don't advertise your wealth – avoid wearing expensive jewellery or carrying a camera around your neck.
  4. Look after your cash and valuables
    Try not to carry more cash than you actually need. Leave money and passports in a safe in your accommodation. Put your wallet in a front pocket or use a money belt that can be hidden under your clothing. Keep expensive camera equipment out of sight.
  5. Secure your holiday accommodation
    Make sure all windows and doors are locked when you go out.
  6. Secure your holiday vehicle
    Park your vehicle under a street light and make sure all belongings are out of sight. Never leave money or valuables in an unattended vehicle.
  7. Be aware of common scams
    For instance, practiced thieves will spill something on your clothing and while apparently helping you to clean it off they or an accomplice will rob you. Another common scam is for thieves to puncture your vehicle's tyre, flag you down and appear to assist, only to help themselves to your belongings while your attention is distracted.

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